GAF Africa Disclaimer

Scam Warning and Disclaimer

Please note that ALL information about Green Agribusiness Fund are announced on the website (; the application is TOTALLY FREE and only available on Green Agribusiness Fund website ( Green Agribusiness Fund strongly advises the public in unconditional terms that:

  1. We have not contracted any consultants, individuals, organizations or agencies which through online postings, email exchanges, phone calls or other means to manage, help, give privileges or facilitate application process for applicants.
  2. Green Agribusiness Fund does not charge application, processing or training fee at any stage of the application. We assume no responsibility for any announcement or activities from consultants, individuals, organizations or agencies inviting applicants to pay.
  3. Application cannot be influenced through tips in cash or kind; successful applicants will be selected strictly based on selection criteria available on Therefore, consultants, individuals, organizations or agencies promising applicants they can influence the outcomes of their application should disregarded.
  4. Green Agribusiness Fund does not have any phone number/call line, Facebook page/account, Instagram page/account, Whatsapp page/account and other social media except Twitter (@GAFAfrica). The ONLY approved and legitimate contact of Green Agribusiness Fund is, all applicants that need answers to their enquiries should direct to the above email only.
  5. Should you have any doubts about the authenticity of an email, social media post, website post, or telephone call from, for, or on behalf of Green Agribusiness Fund, please send us an email query before taking further action in relation to the correspondence. ALL email queries should be directed to